60+ Good Morning Monday Quotes to start the week full of energy

Monday is the day we live in a love-hate relationship. Hate that the rest days that took so long to arrive are over and love that it is the beginning of a new week with many plans and many things to conquer.

With that in mind, we made a list with several Monday phrases to motivate you to start the week excited. Lift your head, shake off the dust and enjoy your day!

Motivational Monday Quotes

In this category, you will find quotes to motivate you on Monday. Let go of all discouragement and make every minute of the week worth it. Check it out and share it with your friends who need a motivating word!

#. Today, a new chance to find what brings us happiness starts again. Good Monday!

#. Let’s fight to improve the world and make all our dreams come true. This Monday will be better than any other.

#. May this Monday be the beginning of a week of peace and may you find joy in every day that lies ahead.

#. Ready for another week of joy and surprises? Good Monday!

#. I know it’s Monday, but don’t be discouraged. Soon the weekend will come again!

#. Is it Monday again? Great, because a new week represents new achievements!

#. I love Monday because it’s the beginning of another week to live.

#. I feel that today is going to be remarkable and very positive. Good Monday!

#. The week starts now, so start fighting for your happiness today. Happy Monday!

#. I love when a new week starts and this one is no exception. Good Monday!

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#. Have faith to draw your plans, courage to idealize your goals and strength to make them happen. Good Monday!

Good Morning Monday Quotes

Start Monday by wishing the special people in your life a great day with the phrases you’ll find here. Check it out and choose your favorite!

#. I’m sure this Monday will be wonderful and the week will be very special. Good Morning!
#. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I love Monday. Good morning to all crazy people like me!
#. Good Morning! That there is no lack of surprises and opportunities on this very special Monday.
#. Good Morning! Be brave… don’t start the day complaining about Monday!
#. Face today with optimism, from dawn until you go to bed. Good morning and good Monday!
#. Second: may the day be full of happiness and may the sadness not pass even close, amen! Good week and good morning!
#. It’s Monday, the day to let go of laziness and bad moods, put on a smile and be happy. Good Morning!
#. Good morning Monday! May the day be happy, pass quickly and start a great week for everyone.
#. Monday: May the day be filled with good news, whole joys, good people, true smiles and endless blessings! Good Morning.

Blessed Monday Quotes

With each new week that begins, we must ask God to protect us and bless the days to come. Check out the blessed Monday phrases we’ve selected!

#. May the greatness of God bless this Monday!
#. Every Monday I raise my hands to heaven and thank God for another blessed week!
#. Today is Monday, time to get your head on straight and thank God for another blessed week!
#. I’m sure this Monday is blessed by God.
#. Happy Monday! May our week be blessed, may God enlighten us and protect us!
#. Have a blessed Monday! Don’t see this day as a negative burden, but rather as the beginning of something positive.
#. Monday is starting…may your week be light, productive, joyful and very blessed!
#. Today begins the first of seven blessed days. I thank my God for the chance to be happy!
#. May God bless this Monday and grant us a good day, full of happiness!
#. I came to wish you a wonderful and very blessed Monday. May we all be under God’s protection!

Monday Quotes for Whatsapp

#. Tip of the day for this Monday: be happy!
#. I’ve never been a fan of Mondays, whether fairs, chances or intentions.
#. Never save: kindness, smiles and good humor. Especially on a Monday.
#. New week, new dreams and new opportunities. Happy Monday!
#. Monday is the perfect day to correct the past week’s mistakes.
#. Happy Monday! May your day be a blessing and may beautiful things happen for you today.
#. Monday with “S” from: smiles, dreams and surprises!
#. Nothing like a brand-new Monday to write a new story.
#. Not every Monday has to be boring. Do it different!
#. Some people are like Monday: I don’t like it, I don’t want it and I don’t need it.
#. Good Morning! May God bless your Monday.
#. Hello beautiful people! Moving on to wish you a wonderful Monday.

Funny Monday Quotes

To make your day lighter and more joyful, we selected funny Monday phrases, because nothing better than starting the day with a laugh. You will love it and identify yourself!

#. In the sentence: “I love Monday”, the guy is crazy, retired, or on vacation.
#. Monday is very special, but I would rather have two Sundays.
#. If Monday were a person, it would be an annoying friend who always forces us to do what we don’t want.
#. May this Monday be light, sweet and pass fast!
#. I accept that it exists, but the day I like a Monday, I will be close to knowing human madness.
#. Me and Monday are not compatible: she wants me to wake up and smile and I just want the weekend to come fast!
#. Monday wouldn’t be so unpleasant if it didn’t happen every week.
#. I wish everyone a good Monday, but now I ask you to let me sleep and wake me up only when it’s Friday!
#. Today’s worst moment has already happened. That’s when the alarm went off and I realized it was Monday.
#. Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so close to Monday?

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