125+ Good Morning Wishes, Quotes and Messages to Make your Mornings Prettier

Who doesn’t like to wake up with a good morning message? It’s details like this that make the difference, so how about getting into the habit of texting special people? Check out beautiful phrases of good morning and share with those you love to wish you a sensational morning!

Good Morning Wishes, Quotes and Messages

It doesn’t matter what color the sky is. You are the one who makes the day beautiful.

Today your day will be special! Much better than yesterday and a learning experience for tomorrow. Today you have the opportunity to do different things. Have a great day!

The first step to having a good day: say good morning to someone!

Happiness is an interesting thing: the more you divide, the more it multiplies.

The best things happen to those who get up and do it. Good Morning!

Good Morning! Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love and laugh a lot.

Life can be anything, just make it what you want!

May what makes us good be infinite. Good Morning!

Good Morning! Be the change you want to see in the world.

With each new morning, a new chance is born together. Good Morning!

Good Morning! With each step taken, the good comes closer.

Live each day with gratitude: love, forgive and be grateful for each new chance life brings. Good Morning!

May the day bloom in the soul!

Take advantage of the new day to give life a new chance!

Start the day by reflecting positivity with your thoughts. Good Morning!

May today be today. No yesterday’s weight or tomorrow’s anxiety, just today.

Insist! Nothing in life comes without hard work. Good Morning!

May the difficulties of yesterday not prevent you from fighting today and having faith in tomorrow. Good Morning!

Life always offers you a new chance, this is called dawn!

The good morning you wish depends on you!

Better than yesterday and much better than tomorrow, today you have the opportunity to do things differently. Good Morning!

If you can’t do everything, do everything you can!

Today I want to focus only on what is good for the soul. Good Morning!

May you have a chance each morning to start all over again. Have a nice day!

Today you have the opportunity to do things different!


Good morning Quotes for Lover

Good Morning! I wish your day to start well and end even better. Love you!

People become special for many reasons, but you don’t need that, you were born special. Good Morning!

It is with love that I want to fill my days. It’s with smiles that I dress and it’s with peace that I follow. Good morning my love!

From dawn until sunset, you will be on my every thought. Good morning my love!

May all your dreams reach you, that you don’t get tired and that you don’t lose hope. I will always be by your side, my love. Good Morning!

Have a nice day, my love, full of the joy and beautiful feelings you deserve. Love you!

Good morning my love! May the day be full of beautiful things, just like you.

A positive thought and everything can be different. Have a great morning, sweetie!

Stay focused on what makes you happy. Have a nice day my love!

May love happen today, goodness prevail and our hearts overflow with peace!

May your day be lucky and may happiness accompany you. Love you!

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If the unforeseen rob you of the ground, spread your wings. Good morning my love!

Resting your heart is also part of our good morning.

One day at a time, which is not to miss the good surprises in life. Good morning my love!

Lucky for the day: good mood works miracles! Have a great day, love.

Run and look at the sky, the sun is bringing good morning!

Today is a good day to have a good day. Love you!

My doctor prescribed every day very early: good morning message and coffee. Love you my love!

May your day be as good as the smell of coffee.

All very simple, all very light. So be your day, my love!

There are no gray days for those who dream of color. May your day be full of joy, love!

Have a nice day, a fantastic week and a wonderful life!

And if, by chance, the sun does not appear, smile! A good day must start within you.

Good morning my love! Today is the day to fall in love: with you, with your family, with your dreams, with your friends and with life.

The best way to get through the day will always be with lots of love.


Religious Good Morning Quotes and Wishes

Good Morning! May your day be like God’s will: good, perfect and pleasant.

He used to smile! God has just given you a new day and extraordinary things can happen if you believe.

Lord, every day I am presented with untold riches. Teach me to have sweet eyes to understand and, above all, to thank. Good Morning!

May God grant us a blessed day full of victories! Good Morning!

Sometimes God takes you the long way around not to punish you, but to prepare you. Good Morning!

This new day is a divine gift! Renew your hope and nurture your faith, for God is interceding for your plans.

He used to smile! God gave you a new day.

When we wake up with faith in God, any morning can be perfect. Good Morning!

How about starting the day by thanking God for everything He does in your life? Have a blessed morning!

Another beautiful day dawns, bringing endless new possibilities. May God light your morning!

May we not lack faith to live all that God has promised. A day of victory for us!

Do you want your dreams to work out? Pray and ask God, He will hear you!

A day that begins gratefully ends fulfilled.

Good Morning! May today be a day marked by achievements and victories for the glory of God.

Happiness is waking up on any morning and making it special. May God bless your day!

Good Morning! Put God in control and no harm can come to you.

Each morning the Lord’s mercies are renewed. Good Morning!

Gratitude for the beautiful and blessed day that dawns. Good Morning!

For today: a dose of life well lived! May God bless our day.

Wisdom is not letting problems take over your day. Give your life to the Lord and accept His will.

Of the prayers I have for today, this is the one that comes first: may the force of good be ten times greater than that of evil. Amen!

Deliver us from evil! Amen.

May the day be full of challenges and that you are able to overcome and learn from each one of them. I wish you a blessed morning!

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If God is for us, who can be against us? Have a nice day!

May nothing and no one be able to erase the faith and love that inhabit our hearts. May God bless our day!

Inspiring Good Morning Quotes and Messages

Go steadily towards your goal, for thought creates, desire attracts, and faith fulfills. Good Morning!

Good morning Life! Good morning World! Good morning to everyone and everything!

The day has barely started and I already feel the urge to be happy all the time…

May today have peace, less weight on the shoulders, a beautiful attitude in gestures and words.

Today is a good day to rebuild yesterday and plan for tomorrow. Make it happen!

Good Morning. May the day get up in the best possible way and set wonderfully today!

Each morning that begins is an opportunity to start over and give your best. Good Morning!

For today: smiles, a peaceful mind and a peaceful heart!

Wonderful things are about to happen in your life. Have a nice day!

Seize the day to be happy!

Every sunrise you get a new chance at life. Enjoy and have a good day!

Courage, love and sincerity: may we cultivate these feelings from the early hours of the morning. Good Morning!

For every second of this day, I wish you faith, strength, courage and joy.

Good Morning! Don’t let yesterday spoil your tomorrow. And, above all, be happy today!

I wish you good energy today and always. Good Morning!

More faith and more coffee to get the day off to a good start.

And is there a way to start the day without a cup of coffee? Impossible! Good Morning.

For today, a dose of creativity, confidence and good humor. Because life is more beautiful when we look at it smiling!

I threw away the sadness and rescued the happiness that exists in me!

Good Morning! That we know how to be reciprocal with the good things and immune to the bad things.

Spread good things, because we deserve it and the world needs it. Good Morning!

The world is for those who wake up happy!

Good Morning! Because every day is a day to water opportunities, good thoughts, hopes, dreams, soul and life!

Today I decided to wake up early just to show the sun how it shines. Good Morning!

He remembered? So give thanks! Being able to open your eyes is an incredible blessing.

Motivational Good Morning Quotes and Messages

Anyone who doesn’t fight for the future he wants must accept the future that comes. Good Morning!

Good Morning! Move confidently towards your dreams. Live the life you imagined.

All human action, whether it becomes positive or negative, must depend on motivation. Have a bright day!

May your morning be filled with the desire to dream and the courage to do it. Good Morning!

Good Morning! Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Stop waiting for things to happen. Go there and make it happen. Have a nice day!

Every step forward brings you a little closer to success. Good Morning!

Having a successful day just depends on your motivation. Strength focus and faith!

Good Morning! Difficulties prepare ordinary people for extraordinary fates.

Never give up on what you don’t spend a day without thinking about. Have a great morning!

Give your dreams everything you have. And you will be amazed at the energy that arises from within you.

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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Good Morning!

Good Morning! The greatest reward for work is not what a person earns, it is what he becomes through it.

Seek out the things you love to do, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. Good Morning!

Good Morning! The biggest adventure you can have is to live the life of your dreams.

Never underestimate your own ability: you can do anything you want. Good Morning!

The formula for happiness and success is simply to be yourself as sincerely as you can. Have a nice day!

Good Morning! It’s never too late to be what you could have been.

Always fight, win sometimes, never give up. A great day for you!

Success comes to those who are not paralyzed by failures. Today is a good day to change direction and pursue your dreams!

Even if you’ve already come a long way, there’s always a new path to take. Good Morning!

The only thing that falls from the sky is rain, the rest is fighting. Have a great day!

Good Morning! We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not a feat but a habit.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Good Morning!

Good Morning! It is forward that you walk, it is up that you look and it is fighting that you conquer.

funny good morning messages to lighten your day

How about starting the day with a nice and funny good morning phrase? We selected in this post only fun phrases for you to share on your social networks. We hope you like it 🙂


Early risers are sure to face the day with a lot of sleep. Good Morning!

And to the sadness of enemies… Today I woke up beautiful. Good Morning!

The day has barely started and I already feel the urge to be happy all the time…

Here I am one more day, waiting for the love of my life. Good Morning!

For today: silly smiles, a calm mind and a peaceful heart.

Today I woke up so beautiful that when I went to yawn, I meowed.

Today you have two options: be happy or be happier. Good Morning!

Start the day with a smile and end with a huge bowl of happiness.

Even Facebook says good morning, and you guys don’t.

Hi, I stopped by to sweeten your day… I wish you a lot of joy… lots of affection… and lots of energy. Good Morning!

I put the sadness to hibernate and made the joy get out of bed. Good Morning!

To withstand my bad mood in the morning you have to really be a good friend of mine, I’m glad you are. Good Morning!

Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change…and wine to accept the things I can’t. Good Morning!

Standing up, never awake! Good Morning!

I love the simple things in life, like being able to sleep as long as I want… Good morning!

Have a nice day, a fantastic week and a wonderful life.

Have you ever heard me say I love getting up early? Well, if that ever happens, you can commit me. Good Morning!

Is there a bigger lie than “just five more minutes”?

I woke up ready for anything, including going back to sleep.

I think in the past life I was a bed, that alone explains my laziness!


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