80+ Good Morning Saturday Quotes to Enjoy the Best Day of the Week

Many people think that Friday is the best day of the week, but it is an underrated day. After all, on Friday you still need to wake up early and fulfill your obligations, since Saturday is all yours.

Regardless of how you like to enjoy this day, check out Saturday quotes and share them with your friends. And celebrate, as it Saturday!

Good Morning Saturday Quotes

#. May your day be marked by happy things and may your lips be the smile of happiness. A great Saturday!

#. Live unhurried, dance like there’s no tomorrow, enjoy. It’s Saturday!

#. Saturday is the day to replenish your energy, forget about your problems and leave your obligations for Monday. Have fun and have a great Saturday!

#. Today is Saturday! Dance as if no one is watching, and even if they are, the important thing is to be happy.

#. Let’s press the “stop” of the daily rush and trigger the “play” for fun and rest. Good Saturday!

#. He used to smile! There’s a Saturday for our joy.

#. There is no dull Sunday when you have a happy Saturday.

#. Saturday is already over, but don’t worry, you have the entire Sunday to be very happy!

#. Happiness is sleeping late on Saturday and knowing you won’t wake up early to work the next day because it’s Sunday.

Funny Saturday Quotes

To keep up with the excitement of this day, how about having a laugh? You can enjoy and send it to friends and have a good laugh this Saturday.

#. From Sunday to Thursday I wait for Prince Charming, Friday and Saturday I go looking for the big bad wolf.
#. I never understood why Monday is so far from Saturday and Saturday is so close to Monday.
#. Saturday, I love you. Sunday, don’t be jealous, I love you too.
#. If I cried or smiled, the important thing is that tomorrow is Saturday.
#. Enjoy your Saturday because Monday is right there.
#. On Saturday at home.
#. A rainy Saturday is a perfect weather to ask for a bed in marriage.
#. I’m so in need that I wake up early on Saturdays and wait for Jehovah’s Witnesses, just to have someone to talk to.
#. I don’t work on Saturdays, but I set the clock to wake up early, just to have the pleasure of turning it off and going back to sleep.
#. The role is weak, Saturday is no longer fun without you… Money!

Saturday Quotes for WhatsApp

#. I think Saturday is the rose of the week.
#. Everyone waits for Friday, but Saturday is where things happen.
#. At home or on the go, who makes Saturdays well spent is you!
#. Weekend is so short it starts with the word end. So enjoy. Good Saturday!
#. How to make a perfect Saturday: a dash of sun, a few spoonfuls of friends, three cups of family, a dose of love and fun to taste!
#. May your Saturday be beautiful, light and full of good company!
#. It took me a long time to find you, now I just want you: Saturday.
#. God bless your Saturday and light up each of your steps leading you in triumph.
#. Enjoy your day in the best way. Sing, love, hug, smile. Happy Saturday!
#. Hello beautiful person. May your Saturday be blessed!

Saturday Night Quotes

Saturday night is a great time, whether it’s to party crazy or to do nothing at home. What is your state of mind right now? Whatever, the sentences below will contemplate.

#. Everyone expects something from a Saturday night.
#. Only extremely beautiful people stay home on Saturday night.
#. It’s Saturday, do you really think I’ll spend the night at home crying for you?
#. Today is Saturday, I have no time to go back or wake up tomorrow!
#. Everyone expects something from a Saturday night. But as my mother says, you are not everyone.
#. Saturday night I’m taking them all! All my sleep due late.
#. Going out on Saturday night? Only if you go from the bedroom to the kitchen, from Facebook to WhatsApp.
#. That tragic moment when you realize that Saturday is ending and you haven’t even left the gate.
#. Wear that new outfit, rock your makeup and let’s have fun, Saturday!
#. Something is missing this Saturday night. I think it’s money to leave.


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