40+ Good Morning Sunday Quotes to Start the Week Well

#. I wish you: sincere love, I cuddle under the blanket, a day of drizzle and a good mood!

#. When you’re on vacation, Sunday is just any day.

#. Sunday is that bad day that I don’t want it to end because if it ends it turns into Monday which is even worse.

#. Sunday is always a gray day, it reminds you of the people who left and the memories that never grow old.

#. Never complain about Sunday, because without it we would already be on Monday.

#. Cool Sunday only on SBT! Because in real life it’s impossible!

#. May every second of your day be guided by the hands of God and may you have a wonderful Sunday with the people you love.

#. Life is like Sunday, you don’t want it to start but you don’t want it to end either, right?

#. End of Sunday with a taste of want less.

#. How delightful to know that tomorrow is a Sunday night holiday!

#. Sunday night only with a pizza to liven up!

#. The bad thing about Sunday night is that tomorrow is Monday!

#. May God bless and give us encouragement because Sunday is already night!

#. Don’t treat someone like a Friday night who treats you like a Sunday afternoon…

#. And may next Sunday take longer to pass!

#. May your Sunday be like you: wonderful!

#. How nice it would be if Sunday lasted seven days!

#. That Sunday nostalgia that hits us hard.

#. To all my friends: a beautiful Sunday and many blessings!

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#. Have a holy Sunday of peace, rest and joy!

#. May the joy and peace of Sunday last through the week. Have a blessed day!

#. Good Sunday night! Enjoy the time of freedom that still remains and think about tomorrow only when it arrives.

#. Sunday is the day that even resting is tired and relaxing is easy!

#. On Sundays I don’t know whether to cry or smile because on the one hand I can rest, but on the other the peace is about to end.

#. On Sunday everything is wonderful, everything but the next day!

#. The weekend is a juice that deserves to be enjoyed to the last drop. Good sunday!

#. Nothing is as simple and delicious as a lazy Sunday morning.

#. Resting, walking, with family or friends, I hope your Sunday is blessed and very happy!

#. The soul feels light, the heart at peace and a smile dances on the lips; it’s Sunday morning!

#. Even on Sunday I wake up with the alarm clock, but only to have the pleasure of ignoring it.

#. End the week in beauty and waste the hours of this Sunday as if tomorrow were not Monday!

#. With the weekend almost over, the best thing is to take advantage of Sunday to do what you like most!

#. Sunday isn’t over yet and I’m already missing the weekend.

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