100+ Good Night Quotes, Wishes and Messages

The simple act of reading one quote can help you sleep better. The idea is to read the quote before bed, and then either write it down in a journal or think about what it means for five minutes.

This way, your mind associates this with being calm and relaxed so when you go to sleep, your mind will be at ease. I hope these quotes are helpful!

Good Night Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

What the world offers you is fleeting. What God offers you is eternal. Goodnight!

The night is a good opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the next day’s fights. Have a good night!

May there never be a lack of a dream to fight, a project to accomplish, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Goodnight.

May your night be peaceful and your sleep gentle, so that your day may be blessed. Goodnight!

Sleep with ideas wake up with attitudes. Goodnight!

Dear God, bless this night and deliver us from all evil, good night!

For everything in life there is a new day, a new sun, a new moonlight… Good night.

Have a good night and remember: joy comes in the morning.

Goodnight! Sleep with the angels.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. Goodnight!

Goodnight. Sleep in peace. Tomorrow there’s more!

Peace is what we make. Goodnight!

Breathe. Take a dose of peace. Listen to the gentle beat of your heart. Silence the mind. Relax your body. Take a rest. Tomorrow there’s more… Good night!

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May your night be sweet and happy.

When eyes are heavy, dreams may be light. A good night for you!

Sleep in peace that tomorrow has more!

The time has come to turn off the light and turn on the stars… To bring dreams to life. Goodnight!

Trust in God and have a good night! God is able to do infinitely more, far beyond what we ask or think.

May the lambs not sleep before you… Good night!

May the angels bring you tranquility and beautiful dreams tonight. Goodnight!

The day ends, but God is still watching over us! Goodnight.

May God reach our dreams and make them come true. Goodnight.

Good night… Life is a moment, it’s a breath. And we only take from here the love he gave and received, the joy, the affection and nothing else.

Whenever you get the chance, be light in someone’s life. Goodnight!

The body needs rest, the mind needs peace and the heart needs joy. Goodnight!

Never give up on what you ask God for every night. Goodnight!

Goodnight! I want Jesus to renew your strength and your faith while you sleep tonight.

May God give rest to your body and relief to your soul, so that you can face tomorrow with a smile on your face. Goodnight!

Good night my friend, may you have a great night’s sleep.

Goodnight My Love. Sleep well and know that I miss you already.

May the night come soft as the breeze, bringing everything our soul needs. Good evening everyone.

When it’s from the heart, small gestures become giant. Goodnight.

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Dreaming about you makes my night worth it. Thinking about you makes me smile. Being with you is the best thing in the world. And loving you is what I will do forever. Goodnight!

Put everything in God’s hands and go to sleep in peace. Goodnight!

There are many times that we do not understand the will of God, but when we give up on understanding and start to accept and believe, miracles happen. Goodnight!

I leave a kiss and the wish that this night is one of peace and beautiful dreams. Sleep well!

Goodnight! Peace in mind and light in soul.

Let your dreams take over you. Dreams are necessary for life. May the angels lull you to sleep and throw away everything bad from the past day.

Insist. Small streams end up becoming large rivers. Keep walking and doing. Goodnight.

I wish you to have a beautiful, excellent and peaceful night’s sleep.

Goodnight! Let’s go to sleep because tomorrow it starts all over again.

Goodnight. Tomorrow is a new day that will bring new opportunities, believe me!

Have a good night, my friends, until tomorrow.

May tranquility and peace take care of you that night! Have a blessed night!

May the energies of love, goodness and peace come to you. Goodnight!

Those who rest in the Lord’s arms will certainly regain the strength to face tomorrow with hope and joy. Goodnight!

One more day is gone… One more night is coming. Goodnight!

I’ve been so happy that I can’t find the words to say how much I like you. Goodnight!

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May the angels defend you from the dark of night, guiding your steps until the morning lights arrive.

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